Find us at the Airport

Our location

Upon arrival at Cancun International Airport take your bags and go to the exit of the terminal, you must go through a security filter.

If you arrive on a domestic flight

You will land in terminal 1. You must exit through the door on the right side, which is the exit for Groups. We will be waiting for you outside the terminal, do not forget to identify us with the correct sign.

If you arrive on an international flight

You will land in terminal 2. You must go out through the main door, where you will see a corridor numbered from 1 to 13; Our representative will be waiting for you in area number 5.

encuentra tu transporte

Cancún International Airport

Always keep in mind:

Do not accept

Do not accept cash or discount vouchers from people inside the airport, you could lose the whole day in timeshare presentation in a different hotel than yours.


Avoid people inside the airport who offer breakfast, activities, their purpose is to take you to a timeshare sales presentation, losing your first day of vacation.


Avoid setbacks, make sure you have all the documents before your flight at hand, reservation numbers (hotel and transportation), passports and other important personal documents.


Within a maximum of 24 hours after purchase, your transportation will be confirmed and you will be provided with a travel receipt to present to the driver upon arrival.

Upon arrival

Verify that you bring all your belongings when you get off the plane, when you leave the airport, and when you get off the transportation

On departure

Round-trip airport transfers are available between the International Airport to San José del Cabo (Zone 1), Tourist Corridor (Zone 2), Cabo San Lucas (Zone 3).

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